• Telluride’s Gold Hill 10

    Friday, April 6, 2012

    Numerous things separate Telluride from the rest of the ski-area-pack, but one of the most notable – besides backcountry terrain – is it’s hike-to access. Within the Prospect Bowl and Gold Hill region, numerous chutes, large, open bowls and a 13,000 ft peak all await those with the desire (and hiking stamina) to ski some […]

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  • Black Bean Saute

    The True “Local’s Favorite”

    Monday, April 2, 2012

    Oh, the “local’s favorite” – a tried and true label garnered to one specific item at almost every restaurant in town, offering visitors a glimpse into the unique, “elite” status of a Telluride local. Or, in other words, a way for merchants to promote their business and increase sales. And, while all “local’s favorites” and […]

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  • A Telluride Powder Day

    Friday, March 9, 2012

    When powder strikes, life takes on a new order. Slow mornings, lounging about before putting on your ski gear – one item at a time – are replaced by a mad rush for first chair. Since nothing beats over-the-head, bottomless pow turns, slapping on your boots, slamming down a Window breakfast burrito and pounding a […]

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  • Taos Post

    Bonus Points for the Telluride Pass

    Tuesday, March 6, 2012

    Few ski resorts compare to Telluride. Sure, the area has come a long way (for better or worse) since its inception in the 1970s. Nevertheless, its tight, local community, historical preservation and stunning, surrounding scenery definitely separate it from the rest of the ski-destination pack. Therefore, you gotta hand it to Telluride for supporting its […]

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  • Telluride Après Action

    Thursday, February 23, 2012

    The Telluride après scene is pretty spot on. That’s not merely a personal opinion; it’s a fact. We dedicated two episodes last season – Après-Ski Fest and Après-Ski Fest Part Deux – to truly see if the resort deserved its top-ten après ranking from MSNBC. And, after numerous stops and multiple cocktails, those of us […]

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Eric Corff...2

The Ultimate Telluride Revenge

Word travels fast in Telluride, and like any small town, building a reputation – good or bad – is one of the easiest things to do. One small mistake, one bad attitude or one unfounded sense of superiority can mean the difference between “clicking” with the local crew, or being shunned from the approximately 2,500 […]

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Corduroy Dream

Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats bottomless, over-the-head pow turns. Those epic pillow lines and untouched pitches are what every skier dreams about, and what they constantly talk about for seasons to come. But, when conditions are sub par, or your legs can barely hold your weight after multiple powder days, pristine corduroy can sometimes […]

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Giuseppe's Bathroom

The Best On-Mountain Bathroom

It’s an ordeal known all too well. The ski area reports new snow with blue-bird skies, so you quickly throw your gear on and pound two cups of coffee before sprinting for first chair on lift 7 or 8. About the time you’re half way up Lift 9, however, that coffee starts working its magic; […]

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Race Pic

A Solution to the Tom Chapman Debacle

With all the recent press, most notably the in-depth Outside Magazine article, as well as last week’s “Free Bear Creek…Again” event presented by the Telluride Mountain Club, the Tom Chapman/Bear Creek debacle has been brought back into the Telluride spotlight. That’s not to say that the issue ever left left the public eye; it just […]

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