The Ultimate Telluride Revenge

Eric Corff...2

Word travels fast in Telluride, and like any small town, building a reputation – good or bad – is one of the easiest things to do. One small mistake, one bad attitude or one unfounded sense of superiority can mean the difference between “clicking” with the local crew, or being shunned from the approximately 2,500 […]

An Epic Telluride Summer

Lets not beat around the bush, summer had a lot of work ahead of it. The winter brought us one of the best ski seasons we’ve ever had, and since locals constantly praised the awesomeness of Telluride summers, we had very high expectations, to say the least. But, after four months of festivals, mountain biking, […]

Alta Lakes Ghost Town

Alta Lakes 1

Telluride’s rich, mining history is one of the many things that differentiates it from other resort communities. Whether it was gold, silver or zinc, mining originally built Telluride, and the town and  locals cherish this fact. And while the majority of the actual structures from those mining heydays have disappeared, the Alta Lakes Ghost Town […]

Imogene Pass Run

Imogene Pass Run 3

Running has never been our forte, due to the simple fact that skiing and mountain biking let you go faster. Therefore, running a race has never been that high on our “to do” lists. So, when registration opened for the 38th annual Imogene Pass Run a few months ago, only one thought crossed our minds: […]

History Your Face Off!

History Museum

Okay, so history cannot be used as a verb (as in this post’s title). But, in all honesty, that is what you do when you visit the Telluride Historical Museum. Unlike most small town museums, where it’s impossible not to be exposed to vast amounts of dust and asbestos while being somewhat accosted by the […]

The Sheridan Opera House

Sheridan Opera House

The Telluride “to do” list can be quite lengthy for any visitor. Besides all of the outdoor adventures to be had (and they are endless), tourists crave the historical and cultural aspects that characterize this small mining town. And while the museum provides the facts, and Baked in Telluride provides the nostalgia, that true, “blast […]

Telluride’s Squidshow Theater

Squidshow Theater

Many claim that Telluride suffers from a lack of culture. Since hundreds of miles separate the town from cosmopolitan cities and Broadway plays, people occasionally feel that they are missing out. Luckily, that’s where the Squidshow Theater comes in to play, literally. Headed up by Sasha Cuccinello, the Squidshow Theater is anything but your small […]

Seriously, Who is John Gault?

Who is John Gault?

“Who is John Galt?” Probably the most famous question/motif of Ayn Rand’s epic novel “Atlas Shrugged.” Of course, those who’ve managed to tackle the 1100-page saga eventually discover the answer to that question when Dagny Taggart infiltrates Galt’s Gulch, the utopia for the geniuses of society. And for those who’ve done their extra curricular research, […]

Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls 2

During one summer at Telluride Academy, back in my young, naive, family vacation days, a local 8 year old told me that Bridal Veil Falls, the tallest free-standing waterfall in Colorado, was named after an unknown bride, who accidentally fell to her death minutes before her the start of her wedding ceremony. Now that I’ve […]

Baked in Telluride Reopens

Baked in Telluride

Perched on a weathered, wooden seat, soaking up sunshine and sinking my teeth into a slice of cheesy, greasy, pepperoni pizza was one of the few rituals I would partake in during my annual trip to Telluride before moving down to the San Juans last November. Like most festival attendees and weekend excursionists, stopping off […]