A Solution to the Tom Chapman Debacle

Race Pic

With all the recent press, most notably the in-depth Outside Magazine article, as well as last week’s “Free Bear Creek…Again” event presented by the Telluride Mountain Club, the Tom Chapman/Bear Creek debacle has been brought back into the Telluride spotlight. That’s not to say that the issue ever left left the public eye; it just […]

Winter’s Greatest Hits

Regardless of the below average snow year and Dutch fracturing his leg, all of us agree that this last winter was one of the best ski seasons we’ve ever had. Sure, the sweet place we landed at the base of Lift 7 and the fact that we spent most of our ski days exploring and […]

What We’ve Learned

What We've Learned 2

It’s been one heck of a season, to say the least. After arriving to Telluride in November as total newbs, we found jobs, skied our faces off to what most would argue was a below-average snow year, documented our lives and, all in all, had a kick-ass time. We have begun shedding our newb classification […]

Andy Sawyer: A True Ski Pioneer

Andy Sawyer Memorial

Although the term legend can encompass a wide variety of Telluride persona, from the founders of the ski area to such local pros as Hilaree O’Neill, there is one local, one ski mountaineer, who can be categorized as such with no disagreement whatsoever. And after an entire winter down in the San Juans, it is […]

Ophir: The True Mountain Town

We’ve been highlighting Telluride non-stop since we started (hence the name the Telluride Newb), but we feel that the time has come to look at the bigger picture – i.e. the surroundings of the San Juans. And there is no better place to start off on this outward examination than with the town of Ophir. […]

USFS Reopens Bear Creek!

Bear Creek/Palmyra Peak

Backcountry lovers will no longer have to “break the law” to fulfill their powder dreams and extreme-skiing desires. According to a United States Forest Service press release, a Bear Creek backcountry access gate has been reinstalled at the top of Palmyra Peak, granting all who make the hour-and-a-half trek from Prospect Bowl to the peak’s […]

The Times They Are a-Changing

Times are Changing

Okay, it’s a bit cliché to title a post after a Bob Dylan song, but in all honesty, the times are changing. Daylight saving time arrives on March 13, and although most people have their clocks already prepared for the “spring forward” transition, many within the Telluride area will be caught off guard. Whereas most […]

Hilaree O’Neill: A Local Legend

Hilaree O’Neill is anything but your traditional Telluride local. After spending 5 years ski-mountaineering, racing, modeling and essentially living it up in Chamonix, France, O’Neill moved to town 10 years ago for one primary reason: to be with her now current husband, Brian, who she originally met on a ski expedition to Aconcagua, the largest […]

Presidential Powder

It hasn’t been the best snow year for Telluride. Rocks still manage to sneak up on your skis and the occasional log, just barely covered, loves to take you by surprise when cruising through the trees. But President’s Weekend, besides the boat-load of visitors that arrived, brought a hefty amount of snow for everyone to […]

Shredding San Joaquin

It’s as if we opened Pandora’s Box, but in a good way. We love cruising the resort, lapping Gold Hill and Prospect Bowl, but ever since we began touring and practicing with our beacons, all we can think about is exploring the backcountry. It has become an obsession, an addiction. For some reason, the San […]