The Best On-Mountain Bathroom

Giuseppe's Bathroom

It’s an ordeal known all too well. The ski area reports new snow with blue-bird skies, so you quickly throw your gear on and pound two cups of coffee before sprinting for first chair on lift 7 or 8. About the time you’re half way up Lift 9, however, that coffee starts working its magic; […]

Imogene Pass Run

Imogene Pass Run 3

Running has never been our forte, due to the simple fact that skiing and mountain biking let you go faster. Therefore, running a race has never been that high on our “to do” lists. So, when registration opened for the 38th annual Imogene Pass Run a few months ago, only one thought crossed our minds: […]

Telluride Backpacking

Out of all of the mountains surrounding Telluride, Wilson Peak has taunted us the most. Part of it probably has to do with our unsuccessful attempt to ski its north face in May, while the fact that it has starred in numerous Coors commercials definitely added fuel to the fire. Either way, there was no […]

Baked in Telluride Reopens

Baked in Telluride

Perched on a weathered, wooden seat, soaking up sunshine and sinking my teeth into a slice of cheesy, greasy, pepperoni pizza was one of the few rituals I would partake in during my annual trip to Telluride before moving down to the San Juans last November. Like most festival attendees and weekend excursionists, stopping off […]

USFS Reopens Bear Creek!

Bear Creek/Palmyra Peak

Backcountry lovers will no longer have to “break the law” to fulfill their powder dreams and extreme-skiing desires. According to a United States Forest Service press release, a Bear Creek backcountry access gate has been reinstalled at the top of Palmyra Peak, granting all who make the hour-and-a-half trek from Prospect Bowl to the peak’s […]

The Times They Are a-Changing

Times are Changing

Okay, it’s a bit cliché to title a post after a Bob Dylan song, but in all honesty, the times are changing. Daylight saving time arrives on March 13, and although most people have their clocks already prepared for the “spring forward” transition, many within the Telluride area will be caught off guard. Whereas most […]

Bye Bye Plastic Bags

Plastic Bag Ban

In a few weeks, plastic bags will no longer see the light of day in Telluride. With the combination of “Bag It,” a compelling documentary, environmental activism and city council approval in October 2010, this small mountain town will be the first municipality in Colorado to ban the use of plastic bags in retail stores, […]

Bear Creek Access Gate Closed?

Bear Creek Gate Closure Post

Last week, the United States Forest Service decided to abruptly and immediately close the access gate to Bear Creek – a gigantic valley of chutes, couloirs and open powder fields located directly east of the ski area – and already the Town of Telluride is up in arms. According to numerous articles published in local […]