An Epic Telluride Summer

Lets not beat around the bush, summer had a lot of work ahead of it. The winter brought us one of the best ski seasons we’ve ever had, and since locals constantly praised the awesomeness of Telluride summers, we had very high expectations, to say the least. But, after four months of festivals, mountain biking, […]

The Most Colorful Transition

Fall Colors 2

Well, it’s safe to say that summer is officially over. The crowds have left, the temperatures have dropped and off season has begun. But unlike last off season, where April and May brought a ton of snow and a ton of mud, this one brings with it an unbelievable array of colors. Yes, Telluride autumns […]

Bring it on Winter!

Bring it on Winter

The winters bring you to Telluride and the summers make you stay – a truism of the box canyon. While the epic, steep skiing and fluffy powder entice all to make the move down to the San Juans, the mountain biking, camping and fly fishing prevent anyone from leaving. But, even with all of the […]

Blues and Brews

The Flaming Lips, Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Willie Nelson and a ton of beer; seriously, what more could you want? How about media passes and Dutch behind the camera, once again? Because for all 3 days of the Telluride Blues and Brews Festival last weekend, the Telluride Newb was back in full force. […]

Imogene Pass Run

Imogene Pass Run 3

Running has never been our forte, due to the simple fact that skiing and mountain biking let you go faster. Therefore, running a race has never been that high on our “to do” lists. So, when registration opened for the 38th annual Imogene Pass Run a few months ago, only one thought crossed our minds: […]

Telluride Mountain Biking: Around Town

The mountain biking on the Telluride Ski Resort, as already seen, is pretty damn sweet. The technical aspects, the quick uphills and the smooth downhills (especially on the Prospect Trail) pretty much top most biking trails around the state. But, sometimes riding the gondola up to cruise on down through Mountain Village just doesn’t do […]

Hollywood Hits Telluride!

Film Festival

The rumor train has been running for quite some time now, with locals and visitors alike commenting on which celebrities, directors and Hollywood big shots would be heading to Telluride over labor day weekend. And even though sightings have been confirmed for George Clooney, Glenn Close, Jennifer Garner and Tilda Swinton, the 38th annual Telluride […]

Telluride Backpacking

Out of all of the mountains surrounding Telluride, Wilson Peak has taunted us the most. Part of it probably has to do with our unsuccessful attempt to ski its north face in May, while the fact that it has starred in numerous Coors commercials definitely added fuel to the fire. Either way, there was no […]

Boomers, Dude!

Mushroom Festival 1

A summer festival takes place every weekend in Telluride, literally. After Mountainfilm essentially kicks off the high season, a new, colorful banner hangs above Main Street every seven days. And while it becomes pretty easy to ignore the smaller ones, such as Yoga Festival, the Ideas Festival and the Chamber Music Festival, last weekend’s 31st […]

Telluride Mountain Biking: The Resort

Mountain biking has definitely replaced skiing as our seasonal fixation here in Telluride. Sure, we’ve attended almost every festival, as well as hiked and camped our faces off over these last few months, but when it comes to biking, its the one thing – like skiing – that we obsess over. Especially once the Telluride […]