Dutch’s Travels: South America

Well, Dutch has officially spent an entire summer traveling the world on STA’s dime (lucky bastard.) He’ll be stateside in just a few more days, so we figured we’d highlight the last leg of his trip: Argentina and Brazil. Let’s see what Dutch had to say about the final spots he got to check out: […]

Dutch’s Travels: Asia

Summer is cruising by faster than it seems, and Dutch has seen some pretty crazy stuff. Let’s check in on his travels throughout Asia to see what he digs the most and what he misses about Telluride: “Europe came and went as fast as a straight line down Milk Run on an icy day. In […]

Dutch’s Travels: Europe

Since departing on his STA World Traveler Internship trip in mid May, Dutch has taken Europe by storm. He’s explored historical cities, hiked throughout the alps, gorged himself on pasta and had enough hefeweizens to make a German nauseous. And because he is such a crucial part of the Telluride Newb, it seemed only fitting […]