The True “Local’s Favorite”

Black Bean Saute

Oh, the “local’s favorite” – a tried and true label garnered to one specific item at almost every restaurant in town, offering visitors a glimpse into the unique, “elite” status of a Telluride local. Or, in other words, a way for merchants to promote their business and increase sales. And, while all “local’s favorites” and […]

The Ultimate Telluride Revenge

Eric Corff...2

Word travels fast in Telluride, and like any small town, building a reputation – good or bad – is one of the easiest things to do. One small mistake, one bad attitude or one unfounded sense of superiority can mean the difference between “clicking” with the local crew, or being shunned from the approximately 2,500 […]

Farewell to a Friend/That Definitely Hurt

Over the last six weeks, Telluride has been hurting for snow. Thus, one of the few reasons we haven’t been filming and putting up new episodes – you can only show so much sub-par skiing conditions before it gets a bit tedious. But, now that mother nature has started playing catch up (the 2 feet […]

A Solution to the Tom Chapman Debacle

Race Pic

With all the recent press, most notably the in-depth Outside Magazine article, as well as last week’s “Free Bear Creek…Again” event presented by the Telluride Mountain Club, the Tom Chapman/Bear Creek debacle has been brought back into the Telluride spotlight. That’s not to say that the issue ever left left the public eye; it just […]

We’re Back!

We're Back

Well, winter in Telluride has officially returned. Sure, a huge dump in early November allowed for early-season touring, and the few inches that fell here and there added to the fun, but with the ski area starting up last week, businesses reopening and all casual conversations focusing solely on the weather, snow has officially reclaimed […]

Oh the Telluride Horror!

Horror Fest

Let’s face it, off season in Telluride is pretty boring. Although not as dreary as the spring off season (though the April blizzards definitely kept us entertained), town has definitely slowed to a stand still. And with the gondola shutting down for a month on Monday, things are going to get even quieter than they […]

An Epic Telluride Summer

Lets not beat around the bush, summer had a lot of work ahead of it. The winter brought us one of the best ski seasons we’ve ever had, and since locals constantly praised the awesomeness of Telluride summers, we had very high expectations, to say the least. But, after four months of festivals, mountain biking, […]

The Most Colorful Transition

Fall Colors 2

Well, it’s safe to say that summer is officially over. The crowds have left, the temperatures have dropped and off season has begun. But unlike last off season, where April and May brought a ton of snow and a ton of mud, this one brings with it an unbelievable array of colors. Yes, Telluride autumns […]

Bring it on Winter!

Bring it on Winter

The winters bring you to Telluride and the summers make you stay – a truism of the box canyon. While the epic, steep skiing and fluffy powder entice all to make the move down to the San Juans, the mountain biking, camping and fly fishing prevent anyone from leaving. But, even with all of the […]

Blues and Brews

The Flaming Lips, Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Willie Nelson and a ton of beer; seriously, what more could you want? How about media passes and Dutch behind the camera, once again? Because for all 3 days of the Telluride Blues and Brews Festival last weekend, the Telluride Newb was back in full force. […]