Telluride’s Squidshow Theater

Squidshow Theater

Many claim that Telluride suffers from a lack of culture. Since hundreds of miles separate the town from cosmopolitan cities and Broadway plays, people occasionally feel that they are missing out. Luckily, that’s where the Squidshow Theater comes in to play, literally. Headed up by Sasha Cuccinello, the Squidshow Theater is anything but your small […]

Fly Fishing with the Legendary Dave Hill

As a kid growing up in the Front Range, we went fishing only on special occasions, like Father’s Day, and I never really got into it. The fact that I never actually caught a fish and spent the majority of my time unhooking my fly from branches probably had something to do with it. But, […]

Andy Sawyer: A True Ski Pioneer

Andy Sawyer Memorial

Although the term legend can encompass a wide variety of Telluride persona, from the founders of the ski area to such local pros as Hilaree O’Neill, there is one local, one ski mountaineer, who can be categorized as such with no disagreement whatsoever. And after an entire winter down in the San Juans, it is […]

Hilaree O’Neill: A Local Legend

Hilaree O’Neill is anything but your traditional Telluride local. After spending 5 years ski-mountaineering, racing, modeling and essentially living it up in Chamonix, France, O’Neill moved to town 10 years ago for one primary reason: to be with her now current husband, Brian, who she originally met on a ski expedition to Aconcagua, the largest […]

Terrain Profile: Lift 9′s Moguls

Lift 9 Terrain

Telluride is neither gigantic nor tiny. Whereas a full week is essential to explore such titanic resorts as Vail, a full day or two is all that is needed to check out everything the mountain has to offer. That is unless you fall in love with Lift 9. As the slowest lift on the mountain, […]

History and Booze: A Perfect Mix

We’ve been in Telluride for about three months now, so obviously we’ve hit up the eight or so bars in town – they all reside within a three-block stretch. Therefore, instead of our inaugural nightlife video showcasing banal footage of us throwing down beers at a few of the local watering holes, we decided to […]

The Tellurider

The Tellurider 2

If you were to ask someone at a resort town – or any town for that matter – who their favorite superhero was, chances are they’d say Spider-Man, Batman or one of the X-Men. But, if you ask a Telluride local the same question, there is really only one answer that you will hear: The […]

Thanksgiving Comes to a Close

Post 5 - Thanksgiving Comes to a Close

As long as I can remember, Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. The food, family, friends, good times and…well, the food again, all combine together to make the perfect experience. Besides, with the ski area opening on Turkey Day, things could not have been better. But, out of all of the Thanksgivings that we’ve […]