We’re Back!

Well, winter in Telluride has officially returned. Sure, a huge dump in early November allowed for early-season touring, and the few inches that fell here and there added to the fun, but with the ski area starting up last week, businesses reopening and all casual conversations focusing solely on the weather, snow has officially reclaimed it’s place as the most important thing in our box canyon bubble.

Granted, last summer in Telluride absolutely rocked, and this off season (compared to its predecessor) provided much more entertainment than expected – Koto‘s Halloween Bash and Turkey Bingo ring a few bells. But we, like the majority of local residents, moved here for the skiing, and ski we shall.

So, even though Telluride, as well as the entire state, is praying for snow, and even though the resort only has one run and a handful of jumps open, there is one thing we can say with certainity: We’re Back!

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