The Ultimate Telluride Revenge

Word travels fast in Telluride, and like any small town, building a reputation – good or bad – is one of the easiest things to do. One small mistake, one bad attitude or one unfounded sense of superiority can mean the difference between “clicking” with the local crew, or being shunned from the approximately 2,500 people that live here year round. And in the case of Eric Corff, let’s just say that he pissed off the wrong person.

Now, since we neither had the chance to meet Eric Corff nor the parties involved, we cannot claim to know exactly what spawned the “Eric Corff…What a Douchebag” stickers, which, even two years later, continue to grace lift towers, trashcans and sign posts in Telluride and throughout the world – they’ve been seen in Denver, New York, and even Thailand! From the numerous locals we’ve talked to, however, it seems that the incident started with an act of promiscuity, which led to minor assault and charges pressed, before concluding with the stickers popping up everywhere.

Regardless if the rumors are true, or if Mr. Corff was, or is still indeed a douchebag, two things are definitely for sure. First, the sticker creation and distribution was by far one of the best and most successful forms of revenge ever conducted. And second, it’s probably a good idea to never piss off anyone who has access to a sticker machine.


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  1. interesting………….

  2. Kyle Pugh says:

    I just saw one of these stickers on lift 7 and wondered…thanks for shedding some light. And thanks for the kick ass videos you have posted.

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