The True “Local’s Favorite”

Oh, the “local’s favorite” – a tried and true label garnered to one specific item at almost every restaurant in town, offering visitors a glimpse into the unique, “elite” status of a Telluride local. Or, in other words, a way for merchants to promote their business and increase sales. And, while all “local’s favorites” and “local’s specials” have their advantages ($6 Corner House burgers and Brown Dog BoGo pizzas ring a bell), the Giuseppe’s Black Bean Saute takes the cake as the true local’s favorite – hence, no quotation marks.

Resting on a bed of spinach, the saute of egg, onions, corn, peppers, cheese and black beans (duh!) is one of the better lunch items sold anywhere in the nation at 12,000ft – especially when paired up with a beer and some epic, outdoor lounging in the spring sun. Granted, most local’s that we know don’t normally spend the $11 for the full saute, or for anything edible on the resort, but from what we know, the black bean saute has held, and continues to hold, its local’s favorite title with pride. And now, it can add “Newb Favorite” to its list of accolades.

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